One of the most important advancements in medicine is coming soon…

Plaz4® Technology

Executive Summary

Plasmology4® is pioneering a new and innovative field called Plasma Medicine, which is the coalescence of plasma physics, life sciences, and clinical medicine to facilitate the use of “cold plasma” technology for healthcare applications. The Company has developed a highly advanced form of cold plasma called Plaz4® Technology, which is truly non-thermal, has unique therapeutic capability compared to other forms of cold plasma and can be used directly on living cells, tissue and organs. Research studies indicate that Plaz4 may have benefit for many medical applications such as infection control and prevention, wound healing, blood coagulation and cancer treatment to name a few. The worldwide annual market potential for Plaz4 is estimated to be more than $100B.

Plasmology4 has created a strong and valuable patent portfolio with 36 issued patents, several patents pending, and more concepts being drafted into applications. The Company’s executive management team and Scientific Advisory Board are seasoned professionals and Key Opinion Leaders in the areas of science, research, healthcare, engineering, biomedical device product development, and business start-up.

Plasmology4 was awarded a federal grant under the Therapeutic Discovery Project Program. This program provided grants to small companies with a promising and important therapeutic technology. The Company was also nominated by the Arizona Technology Council as one of the Best Innovative Startup Companies in Arizona.

*Plaz4 Technology is not yet approved by the FDA.

Plasmology4’s purpose is to heal living cells, tissue and organs using Plaz4 Technology, aspiring to improve the quality of patients’ lives worldwide.